Ed f'ing Hardy?
At lunch, my boss bragged over her boyfriend buying an Ed Hardy jacket for 700 Euro. Which apparently is okay, because he still lives at home.

Sometimes I want to despair.

Manic Monday
Yes, me again. I'm bored, so I've just started typing. (The reason I'm bored is: I'm doing the email-part of customer care at a school catering company. At the moment we've got summer holidays in most of germany. Go figure.)
Some work related stuffCollapse )
Some Torchwood related stuffCollapse )

Oh, but I'm rambling and getting emotional. And I should get back to work, there are... count them... two new mails. Yeeha. So that's it for now. Maybe I'll write up something about the three latest Torchwood novels soon.

Til then,


What's this
Welly welly well, I'm still here. And I am not dead yet.Collapse )

I'm still here!
Well, here I am then. This is my first update in 2 1/2 months!

Well then... it's 7 PM and I'll be picking up my boyfriend in 30 minutes - we'll do our usual saturday night DVD session at a friend's. And to finish all this rambling off, here's one of my poems/lyrics. Written by Blake, for Jerry. I'm still looking for someone who'll compose a melody. ^^


Stride through my door, flash your green eyes,
as you relieve my darkest nights.
With rays of fire, burn me out,
beyond the limits of all doubt!

You let me taste your sweetest sweat,
banish each fear and all regret!
Your flavour in my every breath,
the only answer left is yes.

Oh Wildcat, baby reel me in,
Let tooth and claw reveal each sin!
I need your red hair on my skin,
so Wildcat reel me in!

The only fight we can not loose,
be proud of each and every bruise,
Surrender to each moan and hiss,
and take the pain with every kiss.

Oh Wildcat, baby reel me in,
Let tooth and claw reveal each sin!
I need your red hair on my skin,
so Wildcat reel me in!

Let's ride on 'til we break for air
I'll count the colours of your hair
and as you're nestled to my chest
just for some hours I'll feel blessed.

In which I talk about random stuff

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve done… lot’s of stuff since my last update, but I really neglected LJ, so if I haven’t commented on anyone's entries, sorry for that. Live is just too busy at the moment.


Shamelessly stolen Meme before I go to bed
Can't be bothered to write a review for The Prestige at the moment (though it was F***ING AWESOME!), so I'm shamelessly stealing this meme from lixa_turner . Yep, I'm a thief. :P


Where to start?
The Doctor: Mad Skills
So much has happened since I last updated.

Visiting my grandparents and drooling over John BarrowmanCollapse )

Eating too much and trying on fancy dressesCollapse )

Eating even more and celebrating the New YearCollapse )

My first day at work. Without releasing Alien Sex Gas.Collapse )


So, I'm off to bed now and back to work tomorrow. I'm actually doing work... and it's good! At least it's now, so I'll make the most of it!

Something before the holidays
I had my last day at work yesterday. Was a bit weird, but I managed not to cry, which probably shows that I'm actually happy to be gone, as much as I will miss my remaining colleagues. I'll start my new job on 2. January and when I went there to sign the contract they told me that my first department will be Publishing! I'll get to write texts for the website and stuff like that, it's exactly what I always sort of wished to do, but couldn't because there were no opportunities. I'll also have to write some of the stuff in English, which is even better. Makes me feel like I've got skillz, yay! Aaaaaand.... I'll get 100€ more than I got in my old company! *bounce* Of course it will all go into petrol... *stops bouncing* But, as they say, always look on the bright side. 1 hour of driving time every day will at least give me time to listen to the podcasts that I sadly neglected recently, mostly because I always listened to John Barrowman. I'll also get a new mp3 player for christmas! And it's exactly the same as my old one, just without the brokeness. No more bloody CDs!
In other news, I now have a webcam:

Yep, that's me. God, I'm pale, aren't I? I really should get out more often. And I should sort this room out, it's cluttered with everyone's computer stuff. Well, it's mostly my computer stuff. Maybe I'll do something about it between the years. But most likely not...

Also, I'm totally hooked on the chat RPG at the moment. If there's one thing that's more addicting than playing Jack Harkness, then it's playing Jack Harkness in the Anne Rice universe. He's totally inside my mind, it's almost scary. My boyfriend doesn't complain though, as he, well, profits from it when I'm in Jack mode. :D Yesterday he (Jack, not my bf) had to do a speech at the Yule Ball. He danced with his current girlfriend (yep, hard to believe, he even lives with her) and with a lovely daywalker named Damian, who felt just a little bit uncomfortable because Jack creeps him out a bit. And he flirted with Marius, who sadly didn't dance with him, because he's true to Armand...
God, you know that you need a life when you blog about the life of your game chars. It's really great fun though.

Re: Torchwood. Last weeks episode was ace. I never felt so bad for Jack, I just wanted to hug him. Or Owen. Maybe Ianto should take Jack and Owen home for some nice comfort-sex-threesome. Now that I'd like to see.
Ianto was wonderful as well. Of course bananas are much more interesting than techno babble! He was just adorable in those scenes. And he's really good at maths, adding all that up in his head. Come on Jack, just promote him!

And, one more thing:
Harry Potter and the deadly Hallows. A merry christmas to you too, J.K. Rowling. And to everyone out there, in case I don't write anything else. Now I'll have to go and decorate the tree. Maybe I'll post some pictures later. Byebye!!!

ETA: Look, it's a tree! And I decorated it! Most of the stuff on it is unbreakable though, because of our cat, so no baubles. I watched Moulin Rouge while decorating, even though my mum shot me looks all the time, because she doesn't like MR. Pah, at least she got a nice tree. *nods*
I realise that the date is wrong, but that's because our camera is broken. I had to try 4 times before I got this pic...

I've been working in this company for the past 1,5 years as an apprentice. Officially, my job of "IT-Systemkauffrau" is something like an IT-Salesperson. Unforturnately, I've only been doing Backoffice, because our boss gave a shit and only needed cheap work force. Now, the company is close to bankrupt, we've had several different chief executives while I was here, and in the last few months the staff has been downsized from about 20 people to 4, here in this office, not including Hamburg. The Berlin branch was closed months ago. I've had almost nothing to do for the last few months, except doing the mail and filing and stuff, which takes about 2 hours a day. Since we know that the office here will be closed, I've applied for a continuation of my apprenticeship at several companies. Today I was accepted by Tobit, a major software company, where I will probably start working at 1.1. This means that I won't be able to spend as much time on the net anymore, but hopefully I'll actually learn the things that I need to get through my final examinations and get a proper job later on.
At the moment I'm somewhere between "shouting in triumph and sunk in despair" because I'll have to leave my working mates and my vocational school class, which is the best class I've ever had. (Tobit is in another school district) I'll also have to get a car. There goes my money I guess.

Well, life goes on, and I hope that it will get better in process. I'm glad that I got the job. At least I think so.

ETA 1 hour later: I'm now drinking sparkling wine with my working mates. Two glasses and I'm drunk, typical. Life is gooooood.

Life's a bitch
I had a terrible evening yesterday. My parents had the worst fight I ever experienced with them. It was about their parents of course, it always is the same shit at this time of the year. But I can't remember it ever being so bad. My dad had actually packed his things and was about to leave and get a hotel room, but he stayed in the end. I think I spent about one hour sitting at the PC, clinging to my sister, chatting with Jesse and having my boyfriend on the telephone and trying not to get hysteric or hyperventilate.  And failing at both.  I don't know how my sister managed to stay so calm, but she's three years older than me and already went through some unhealthy relationships. My boyfriend and Jesse both have divorced parents, so they really helped me with some advice. I'm not really looking forward to Christmas anymore now. Maybe I'll spend it with my boyfriend, I don't know if I can face it at home. And of course I woke with a banging headache this morning. Paracetamol is my friend.

Still, at least I have Torchwood and The Runaway Bride to look forward to. And I'm very much distracting myself with playing Jack Harkness in a german RPG-chat that's based in the Anne Rice universe. Jesse's administrating it and she bugged me to play him. It's great fun, he's as charming, dark and mysterious as always. And he's currently developing a strong protective instinct for a 16 year old boy prostitute. It's very sweet, as long as none of the vampires kill the boy. Jack also had a more than an hour long debate with Marius (who is, afaik, about 2000 years old) about humanity's right to defend itself against aggresors and about survival of the fittest and stuff like that. Of course he didn't really know who he was talking to at that time. And he's on the best way to become the leader of the local Talamasca - at the moment he's just their liaison to Torchwood.

Oh, and I will update 'For what it's worth' soon. Well, sometime this month. I may be miserable, but Jack's having it much worse right now.


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